13 Best High School Graduation Gifts For Guys and Girls Not Going To College

Do you want to gift someone graduating from high school but not going to college? You have come to the right place.

Regardless of the reason for which your boy or girl won’t be joining college, you will find a relevant graduation gift suitable for them below. We discuss the gifts for girls and boys separately to make your selection much more effortless. Take a look.

Best High School Graduation Gifts for Guys Not Going To College

1. Massager

At home after high school, he is likely to pick a job at a local store. Back and shoulder pains will be the primary complaints if he carries boxes or even leg pains if he has to stand the whole day serving customers. Before he adapts to the new way of life, this ergonomically designed massager will work miracles to relax every body part and relieve sore muscles after a long day at work.

2. Make Your Bed

A #1 New York Times bestseller, Make Your Bed, contains several little things that can turn the life of a high school graduate around and, consequently, the world. The former Navy SEAL, William McRaven, gives succinct ideas on moving beyond failure and giving others hope. It is the best gift you can give your boy to leverage his mindset and see the bigger picture outside the college walls.

3. Hand Tools Kit

This set containing necessary household repair and auto repair tools is suitable for use at home, garage, or workshop. If your son is a DIYer or planning to open a workshop after high school, then this a wonderful gift. It comes with a total of 158 tools manufactured from stainless steel. This imparts excellent durability, and the set will serve your son for years.

4. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is one of the platforms that make life much smoother and better. Gifting a graduate an annual membership will go along in enhancing his access to various services and products. These include free two-day shipping and free two-hour daily on several items via the Prime Now app. Unlimited photo storage, Prime Music, Prime Reading are among the benefits he will enjoy access to. If you are not sure what the boy may need after high school, this subscription will be a lovely gift.

5. Smart Watch

Whether in college or out of school, we all need to keep healthy. This sleek design watch compatible with smartphones will help your boy keep fit all-year-round. It has heart rate and sleep monitoring capabilities, thereby encouraging one to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This Letscom watch also allows you to receive calls, messages, SMS and SNS, and calendar reminders. Help your son keep healthy with this fitness tracker.

6. Digital Camera

Your boy may not be proceeding to college, but he will still be traveling or camping. And a digital camera will make a difference. Let him capture moments with friends and create memories with this pocket-wise compact camera. Supporting up to 128 GB of external memory, this would be a favorite companion to a post-high schoolboy who loves travel and exploration.

Best High School Graduation Gifts For Girls Not Going To College

1. Napkin Finance

Napkin Finance, a Wall Street Journal bestseller, unravels critical financial literacy principles that every young adult needs to be braced with. Tina Hay talks about money with simplicity and fun without losing neither track of the theme nor the audience.

This would be an entertaining way of introducing any high school graduate to saving and investing.

2. Sewing Machine

Let your girl open a new world of possibilities with what she is passionate about. With this Charminer’s sewing machine for beginners, she will sharpen her sewing skills, create new designs, and eventually make a living out of it. Consider taking her for further training if need be. This gift will be more useful for those who had been sewing as a hobby or so.

3. Inspirational Keychain

A glossy keychain with an attached compass and tag featuring the quote, “Behind you all memories, before you all your dreams, around you all who love you, within you all you need.”

This keychain message assures the graduate of your support despite the trajectory their life may take. It is an appropriate gift if your daughter may be feeling she disappointed the family by not going to college.

4. Boots

This pair of knee-high boots will be not only a great addition to a girl’s sense of fashion but also an excellent way of keeping warm during winter. If the graduate does not have a decent pair of boots currently, this would be a worthy after-high school gift. They match both skirts and jeans, making them suitable for any dress code. And being made of 100% vegan synthetic leather, they provide a luxurious feel.

5. Outdoor Blanket

Enjoying outdoors with her squad, the cold may soon be unbearable, and a warm blanket may be her only savior. This all-purpose, water and wind hardened Down Under Outdoors extra-thick blanket will provide an unmatched cozy feel for years. It can also serve as a mat during the picnic. Being machine washable, it is easy to clean.

6. Writing Journal

This refillable leather journal is an expressway of allowing the graduate to organize her thoughts, sketch life plans, and schedule meetings. Coming in different colors, the cover is made of PU leather to let it serve you as a long-lasting travel companion. It has eight easy-to-tear pieces that can be used in emergencies.

7. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

This compact speaker is compatible with Alexa making it extremely easy to control as she streams music form Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.

Besides, she will be able to control the lights in her room, thermostat or even locks with this handy device.

Featuring a luxurious fabric exterior with a blue hue, this speaker matches the style of any girl’s room. It does excellent work in amplifying the bass. If your girl is a music fanatic, this a perfect gift for her.


While success is widely associated with education, not every high school student will make it to college. However, this should not be a limitation in reaching their full potential.

Use the above list to stimulate your boy or girl to have a bigger picture of success without joining college.