Grammarly Cyber Monday Deal (2024): 50% Discount 

If you are a teacher or student looking for a Grammarly Premium discount, you have come to the right place.

Today, I have a very special offer for you.

You can get all advanced Grammarly Premium features for only 50% of the original price!

Grammarly Cyber Monday sale lasts only from November 27th to December 4th.

Keep reading below to avail your Grammarly Premium Discount.

Grammarly Premium Pricing After Discount

Monthly PlanQuarterly PlanAnnual Plan
Original Price$30$60$144
Discounted Price$15$30$72
Your Total Savings$15$30$72

How To Get A 50% Grammarly Discount?

The following sections will explain how to avail of a 50% Grammarly Premium Discount for new and existing users.

If you are an existing user, skip to the x step.

Step 1: Go to Grammarly’s Official Website

You can access Grammarly by clicking this link.

Step 2: Navigate the “Get Started” Button

After you have successfully arrived at their official homepage, it’s time to navigate the “Get Started” button. 

However, if you are an existing Grammarly user, it will take you directly to the sign-in form.

Step 3: Complete the Signup

Now, it is time to continue by signing up. Here you have different options when signing up, and I advise you to stick with the G-mail account. This is because you can easily sync your g-mail account with every device and therefore have access to Grammarly everywhere. 

Step 4: Install Grammarly Extension 

The next step is to install the Grammarly Premium extension on your browser. This is a significant step since the extension helps you to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes anywhere you write on the web. 

Continue by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.

Then, the following browser will ask you to add a Grammarly extension.

Step 5: Skip Grammarly Introduction Section

Now that you have successfully installed the Grammarly extension, it is active and ready for use across the web. 

We should skip the introduction section by simply clicking the “Next” button until we arrive at the last one. 

On the last one, click “Continue to Grammarly.”

Step 6: Find the “Upgrade to Premium” button

Here we can explore Grammarly if we use it for the first time. However, we will not do that for this guide’s sake. Click the “Skip the tour” button, and now navigate the section in the top left corner, as shown below.

After that, click the “Upgrade to premium” button.

Step 7: Choose Grammarly Premium

We are near the end of purchasing Grammarly premium for only 50% of its original price. It’s time to select the Premium Grammarly plan. Click the “Get Started” button below the Premium plan.

After that, you will be prompted to choose between different subscriptions, and those are:

  • Annually – $72 in total
  • Quarterly – $30 in total
  • Monthly – $15 in total

I advise you to choose the Annual option since you will save the most significant amount of money. 

Step 8: Finish with Desired Payment Option

It’s time to check out with the desired payment option. There are different payment options, as you can see below. After choosing the one that suits you best, fill out the necessary information and complete the payment. Congratulations, you have successfully purchased Grammarly Premium for half its price!

How Good is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium is not just good but essential for every student and teacher. It helps students get better grades, become more proficient writers, and save more time. 

All surveys done by Grammarly@EDU show precisely that! 99% of students who use Grammarly Premium get better grades. Also, more than 70% of them increased confidence in their writing.  

Grammarly Premium Features for Students and Teachers

Grammarly Premium has many crucial features for students and teachers. Let’s go over some of them:

Clarity-focused sentence rewrites

Sometimes, when you want to turn complex ideas into meaningful sentences, it can get hard. 

However, Grammarly uses advanced AI algorithms that understand the semantics or meaning of the words. 

This means it can help you write your sentences with clarity, so your readers can understand your ideas better.

Tone adjustments

Recently, Grammarly Premium added a new feature called Tone AI. This feature is excellent because you can write your sentences in such a way as to convey different emotions and, therefore, nail the context easier. 

You can count on Grammarly to use the appropriate style for your sentences to best suit the reader.

Plagiarism detection

This one is straightforward. If you want to check if your text is 100% original, you must plug it into its plagiarism detection feature. It will show you in percentages how original your text is. 

Also, Grammarly will let you know what parts of your text match a particular source from the web. After that, you can play around with your words and try to avoid plagiarism.

Word choice

Were you ever in a situation where you needed to use a specific word for a particular context but couldn’t remember what the word was? 

Grammarly Premium will let you know if there are more contextual words and better for the entirety of your sentence. Grammarly has a large corpus of synonyms, and it can recognize which words are better used with particular verbs and nouns.

Formality Level

This is an excellent feature because you can make your text more accessible to different types of readers. Let’s say you need to write a punchy e-mail, and it needs to be creative and persuasive. 

You can set the formality level to informal and creative, and Grammarly will give you suggestions to improve your text for that particular audience.


With Grammarly Premium, you can make your sentences more fluent and allow the reader to read your content easily.

Final Thoughts on Grammarly Cyber Monday Sale

That’s all about a 50% Grammarly discount.

I hope that you will use this offer wisely.

Let me know in the comments below how you will use Grammarly Premium to advance your career.