Is Grammarly Premium Worth it for College Students? [25% Discount]

Grammarly Premium is one of the most widely used writing extensions. It is used by bloggers, copywriters, and students as well.

It offers numerous features that help you write with more clarity and fluency and not worry about plagiarism and grammatical mistakes.

However, are all those features worth it for a college student?

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it for College Students?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is worth it for college students since it improves their writing of reflection papers, e-mails, essays, etc. It offers features like plagiarism detection, grammar checker, word choice, tone suggestions, full-sentence rewrites, and Tone AI to help students become more efficient writers and get better grades.

Grammarly Premium for Students: Benefits and Features

There are many benefits of using Grammarly Premium as a student, and below we will list three most significant.

1. Write with Confidence

One of the Grammarly surveys implies that 99% of students that use Grammarly Premium increase their confidence in their written material. Grammarly Premium comes in handy when writing research papers, essays, online course discussions, reports, or dissertations. 

When writing previously mentioned things, Grammarly Premium is exceptional. Also, Grammarly will help you create a better sentence structure and write more clearly. The full-sentence rewriter feature is the one you will be using the most. All sentences that are hard to read will be offered a revision. 

This is useful when trying to convey your ideas to professors but can’t quite get them right. No worries because Grammarly will offer you a full revision of every sentence that is hard to read.

grammarly suggestions

In addition, the built-in plagiarism detector will ensure your work is 100% original. 

grammarly plagiarism detection

Lastly, all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes will be corrected to help ensure your assignments are mistake-free.

The Premium version offers spelling and punctuation consistency across your entire work. 

2. Improve Your Grades

94% of Grammarly users saw an improvement in their grades when they started using the Premium version. This is because typos, mistakes, plagiarism, inconsistent styling, and unclear writing will lose you points on tests. 

However, Grammarly Premium can correct all these mistakes and ensure you always get a better grade. Grammarly Premium offers suggestions for:

  • Tone AI – ensure your message is well received with tone rewrite suggestions
  • Style – match your style with the audience
  • Clarity – revise complex sentences
  • Plagiarism detection – 100% original content
  • Fluency – make your texts easily readable
  • Word choice – use different words for a better context
  • Grammar – avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Spelling – avoid spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation – avoid punctuation mistakes

Basically, everything is to ensure you make the least amount of mistakes possible and get a better grade.

3. Investment for The Future

Just think about all the things you need to pay for when being in college:

  • Textbooks ($70-$100)
  • Laptop (>$500)
  • Academic tutoring ($20/h)

When I compare Grammarly Premium’s price (12$/monthly) to the previously mentioned prices, I can only say that it is affordable and will pay off in the future. Also, if you want to get Grammarly Premium with a 25% discount, use this link. Grammarly will be one of those investments that will pay off multiple times in the future because it will:

  • Save you time
  • Get you a better grade
  • Make you a more proficient writer

Add Grammarly Premium to your college kit and set yourself up for success now.

‍Is Grammarly Premium For You? ‍

Answer the following questions to identify if you need Grammarly Premium:

  • Do you require a lot of written work?
  • Do you need help with clarity, fluency, flow, and delivery?
  • Do you write for a living?
  • Do you believe the free version of Grammarly is not enough for you?

If you answered any of those questions positively, you need to purchase Grammarly Premium because it will save you much more time, and you will avoid unnecessary stress. 

Yes, it is an investment for the future, but if it can help you to become a better student or ensure you do not make any mistakes, you should buy it. 

However, if you are on a tight budget, you can activate the Grammarly Premium discount.


Let’s address frequently asked questions below.

Do college students get Grammarly premium for free?

No, college students do not get Grammarly premium for free. However, they can use a student discount offer that will lower their subscription bill by 25%.

How much is Grammarly premium for college students?

Students can access Grammarly premium for $30 per month or $144 per year ($12 per month if you pay annually.)


After reading this article, I hope you understand how important the use of Grammarly Premium is for students.

If you decide to use Grammarly Premium, you will:

  • Get better grades
  • Save more time
  • Become a better writer

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite Grammarly Premium feature as a student.